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Amateur Radio Satellites and Systems - Canada (AMSAT-CA)

Was recently officially incorporated as a non-profit membership-based association within Canada.

The official board members who established the new Canada-based AMSAT organization are:

Dr. Stefan Wagener VE4SW, (President)

J.T. (Mitch) Mitchell, VE6OH (Vice President)

Levente Buzas, VA7QF (Technical Director)

John Langille, VE1CWJ (Director)

Tom Anderson, VA6TA (Director)

Dr. Witold Kinsner, VE4WK (Director)

Main Purpose:

The Amateur Radio Satellites and Systems - Canada (AMSAT-CA) Association will promote, develop, and support amateur radio in space, including but not limited to amateur radio communication via man-made and natural satellites (e.g., the moon), amateur radio on space stations and planets, and related experiments, as well as new developments of (i) technology, (ii) methods and techniques, and (iii) new applications, all intended for use on satellites, ground stations, and terrestrial-space communications for the benefit of humanity.

Next steps and current activities:

AMSAT-CA is currently in the process of establishing its online profile,

membership and other business processes. Please stay tuned.

In addition, we have started establishing a technical group to develop a Canadian position paper to be submitted to Frank Zeppenfeldt PD0AP, ESA (European Space Agency), on the proposal for a new European and Canadian GEO payload project.

For more information on this exciting opportunity, please see:

Link to video here

In the meantime, for more information on AMSAT-CA, please contact us at:

Last update 2024-Jan-04